1 number.test NumberFieldTestCase::testNumberFieldEmpty()

Test empty value submission.


core/modules/field/modules/number/tests/number.test, line 249
Tests for number.module.


Tests for number field types.


function testNumberFieldEmpty() {
  // Add a content type.
  $name = $this->randomName();
  $bundle = backdrop_strtolower($name);
  $edit = array('name' => $name, 'type' => $bundle);
  $this->backdropPost(NULL, $edit, t('Save and add fields'));

  // Add a decimal field to the newly created type.
  $label = $this->randomName();
  $field_name = backdrop_strtolower($label);
  $edit = array(
    'fields[_add_new_field][label]' => $label,
    'fields[_add_new_field][field_name]' => $field_name,
    'fields[_add_new_field][type]' => 'number_decimal',
    'fields[_add_new_field][widget_type]' => 'number',
  $this->backdropPost(NULL, $edit, t('Save'));

  // Set an empty default value for that type via UI.
  $path = "admin/structure/types/manage/$bundle/fields/field_{$field_name}";
  $langcode = LANGUAGE_NONE;
  $edit = array(
    "field_{$field_name}[$langcode][0][value]" => '',
  $this->backdropPost(NULL, $edit, t('Save settings'));
  // Default value should still be NULL.
  $config = config("field.instance.node.{$bundle}.field_{$field_name}");
  $this->assertEqual($config->get('default_value'), NULL, 'Default value of number field is NULL');
  $node_user = $this->backdropCreateUser(array('bypass node access'));
  // Save the same empty value in a node entity (node needs a title).
  $edit['title'] = $this->randomName();
  $this->backdropPost(NULL, $edit, t('Save'));
  $this->assertResponse(200, 'Post to create new node with empty number value returned 200 OK');