Install, update and uninstall functions for the user module.




Namesort descending Description
user_install Implements hook_install().
user_schema Implements hook_schema().
user_schema_alter Implements hook_schema_alter().
user_update_1000 The 'Member for' extra field has moved one level up in the array.
user_update_1001 Grant "administer account settings" to roles with "administer users."
user_update_1002 Remove the ability for users to select a theme.
user_update_1003 Moves account settings from variable to config.
user_update_1004 Moves login flood settings from variable to config.
user_update_1005 Moves user mail settings from variable to config.
user_update_1006 Moves user picture settings from variable to config.
user_update_1007 Convert user roles to configuration files.
user_update_1008 Update views that used the old role ID handlers to use role name instead.
user_update_1009 Create the default view for user administration.
user_update_1010 Set default option for login method to use accounts only.
user_update_1011 Update 'People' menus to 'User accounts'.
user_update_1012 Update 'Find user accounts' to 'Manage user accounts'
user_update_1013 Grant accounts with 'administer permissions' the new 'assign roles' permission.
user_update_1014 Fixes system email linebreaks.
user_update_1015 Change label 'Name' to 'Username' for clarity on user admin view.
user_update_1016 Creates the table to enable caching of User entities.
user_update_1017 Add admin mail text for pending approval.
user_update_1018 Set default values for core password constraints.
user_update_1019 Set the "user_admin_role" attribute to "0" (disabled) if it's missing.
user_update_1020 Make sure that all config translatables are set for user mails.
user_update_1021 Make sure that generation of automatic path alias is enabled for user 1.
user_update_1022 Moves the "log_user_flood_control" variable to config.
user_update_1023 Add default descriptions to user roles.
user_update_1024 Add a "changed" column to the "users" table.
user_update_1025 Add a "changed" column to the user_admin View.
user_update_1026 Correct the default config value for the "flood_uid_only" setting.
user_update_dependencies Implements hook_update_dependencies().