1 layout.admin.inc layout_delete_form($form, &$form_state, $layout)

Form callback; Delete a layout.

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core/modules/layout/layout.admin.inc, line 2553
Admin page callbacks for the Layout module.


function layout_delete_form($form, &$form_state, $layout) {
  $form_state['layout'] = $layout;

  if ($layout->storage === LAYOUT_STORAGE_NORMAL) {
    $question = t('Delete layout @title?', array('@title' => $layout->title));
    $text = t('Are you sure you want to delete this layout? Deleting a layout cannot be undone.');
    $button_text = t('Delete layout');
  else {
    $question = t('Revert layout @title?', array('@title' => $layout->title));
    $text = t('Reverting the layout will delete any changes, reverting it to the original default layout provided by the %module module.', array('%module' => $layout->module));
    $button_text = t('Revert layout');

  return confirm_form($form, $question, 'admin/structure/layouts', $text, $button_text);