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  2. 1 core/modules/update/tests/update.test

This file contains tests for the Update Manager module.

The overarching methodology of these tests is we need to compare a given state of installed modules, themes, and layouts (e.g., version, project grouping, timestamps, etc) against a current state of what the release history XML files we fetch say is available. We have dummy XML files (in the modules/update/tests directory) that describe various scenarios of what's available for different test projects, and we have dummy .info file data (specified via hook_system_info_alter() in the update_test helper module) describing what's currently installed. Each test case defines a set of projects to install, their current state (via the 'update_test_system_info' state value) and the desired available update data (via the 'update_test_xml_map' state value), and then performs a series of assertions that the report matches our expectations given the specific initial state and availability scenario.




Namesort descending Description
UpdateCoreUnitTestCase Tests update functionality unrelated to the database.
UpdateTestHelper Defines some shared functions used by all update tests.