1 installer.manager.inc installer_manager_archive_extract($file, $directory)

Unpacks a downloaded archive file.


string $file: The filename of the archive you wish to extract.

string $directory: The directory you wish to extract the archive into.

Return value

ArchiverInterface: The Archiver object used to extract the archive.



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core/modules/installer/installer.manager.inc, line 991
Administrative screens and processing functions of the Installer module.


function installer_manager_archive_extract($file, $directory) {
  $archiver = archiver_get_archiver($file);
  if (!$archiver) {
    throw new Exception(t('Cannot extract %file, not a valid archive.', array('%file' => $file)));

  // Remove the directory if it exists, otherwise it might contain a mixture of
  // old files mixed with the new files (e.g. in cases where files were removed
  // from a later release).
  $files = $archiver->listContents();

  // Unfortunately, we can only use the directory name to determine the project
  // name. Some archivers list the first file as the directory (i.e., MODULE/)
  // and others list an actual file (i.e., MODULE/README.MD).
  $project = strtok($files[0], '/\\');

  $extract_location = $directory . '/' . $project;
  if (file_exists($extract_location)) {


  // Clear the file stat cache to ensure PHP picks up the new files.

  return $archiver;