Administrative screens and processing functions of the Installer module.

This allows site administrators with the 'administer software updates' permission to either upgrade existing projects, or download and install new ones, so long as the killswitch $settings['allow_authorize_operations'] is still TRUE.

To install new code, the administrator is prompted for either the URL of an archive file, or to directly upload the archive file. The archive is loaded into a temporary location, extracted, and verified. If everything is successful, the user is redirected to authorize.php to type in file transfer credentials and authorize the installation to proceed with elevated privileges, such that the extracted files can be copied out of the temporary location and into the live web root.

Updating existing code is a more elaborate process. The first step is a selection form where the user is presented with a table of installed projects that are missing newer releases. The user selects which projects they wish to update, and presses the "Download updates" button to continue. This sets up a batch to fetch all the selected releases, and redirects to admin/update/download to display the batch progress bar as it runs. Each batch operation is responsible for downloading a single file, extracting the archive, and verifying the contents. If there are any errors, the user is redirected back to the first page with the error messages. If all downloads were extracted and verified, the user is instead redirected to admin/update/ready, a landing page which reminds them to backup their database and asks if they want to put the site offline during the update. Once the user presses the "Install updates" button, they are redirected to authorize.php to supply their web root file access credentials. The authorized operation (which lives in sets up a batch to copy each extracted update from the temporary location into the live web root.




Namesort descending Description
installer_manager_archive_extract Unpacks a downloaded archive file.
installer_manager_archive_verify Verifies an archive after it has been downloaded and extracted.
installer_manager_batch_project_get Batch callback: Downloads, unpacks, and verifies a project.
installer_manager_download_batch_finished Batch callback: Performs actions when the download batch is completed.
installer_manager_download_project Downloads a project given a project url.
installer_manager_file_get Copies a file from the specified URL to the temporary directory for updates.
installer_manager_install_form Form constructor for the install form of the Installer module.
installer_manager_install_form_submit Form submission handler for installer_manager_install_form().
installer_manager_install_form_validate Form validation handler for installer_manager_install_form().
installer_manager_install_modal_callback AJAX callback to update the add/remove queue on bulk add.
installer_manager_local_transfers_allowed Determines if file transfers will be performed locally.
installer_manager_update_form Form constructor for the update form of the Installer module.
installer_manager_update_form_submit Form submission handler for installer_manager_update_form().
installer_manager_update_form_validate Form validation handler for installer_manager_update_form().
installer_manager_update_ready_form Form constructor for the update ready form.
installer_manager_update_ready_form_submit Form submission handler for installer_manager_update_ready_form().
_installer_manager_check_backends Checks for file transfer backends and prepares a form fragment about them.