1 update.api.php hook_verify_update_archive($project, $archive_file, $directory)

Verify an archive after it has been downloaded and extracted.


string $project: The short name of the project that has been downloaded.

string $archive_file: The filename of the unextracted archive.

string $directory: The directory that the archive was extracted into.

Return value

If there are any problems, return an array of error messages. If there are: no problems, return an empty array.

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core/modules/update/update.api.php, line 121
Hooks provided by the Update Manager module.


function hook_verify_update_archive($project, $archive_file, $directory) {
  $errors = array();
  if (!file_exists($directory)) {
    $errors[] = t('The %directory does not exist.', array('%directory' => $directory));
  // Add other checks on the archive integrity here.
  return $errors;