1 update.test UpdateCoreTestCase::testGetUpdaterFromDirectory()

Test that getUpdaterFromDirectory() gets the right class for core updates.


core/modules/update/tests/update.test, line 228
This file contains tests for the Update Manager module.




function testGetUpdaterFromDirectory() {
  module_load_include('inc', 'installer', 'installer.manager');
  // Extract our stub sample Backdrop zip archive to temporary.
  $extract_directory = _installer_manager_extract_directory();
  $file = backdrop_get_path('module', 'update') . '/tests/backdrop-sample.zip';
  $archive = installer_manager_archive_extract($file, $extract_directory);
  $realpath = backdrop_realpath($extract_directory . '/backdrop');
  // Create an Updater and check for the responsible class.
  // If the check for core failed, either a wrong class is returned,
  // or an UpdaterException is thrown.
  $updater = Updater::factory($realpath);
  $updater_class = $updater->getUpdaterFromDirectory($realpath);
  $success = $this->assertEqual($updater_class, 'CoreUpdater', 'Determine "CoreUpdater" as updater class for core.');
  if (!$success) {
    $this->verbose("Failed to determine correct class, <em>$updater_class</em> was picked instead.");