Install, update and uninstall functions for the taxonomy module.




Namesort descending Description
taxonomy_field_schema Implements hook_field_schema().
taxonomy_schema Implements hook_schema().
taxonomy_uninstall Implements hook_uninstall().
taxonomy_update_1000 Remove the {taxonomy_vocabulary}.module field.
taxonomy_update_1001 Convert taxonomy vocabularies to configuration.
taxonomy_update_1002 Drop the old taxonomy vocabulary table.
taxonomy_update_1003 Create the taxonomy.settings config file.
taxonomy_update_1004 Convert taxonomy terms per page to config.
taxonomy_update_1005 Drop the old taxonomy vocabulary table for existing Backdrop installations.
taxonomy_update_1006 Add langcode column to {taxonomy_term_data} table.
taxonomy_update_1007 Move default taxonomy term view to taxonomy module.
taxonomy_update_1008 Creates the table to enable caching of Taxonomy Term entities.
taxonomy_update_1009 Add new "create terms" permission to editor and admin roles.
taxonomy_update_1010 Clean up extraneous language-related configuration setting.
taxonomy_update_dependencies Implements hook_update_dependencies().