Callbacks for adding, editing, and deleting content and managing revisions.

Also includes validation, submission and other helper functions.

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Namesort descending Description
node_add Page callback: Provides the node submission form.
node_add_page Page callback: Displays add content links for available content types.
node_autocomplete Autocomplete callback for nodes by title.
node_autocomplete_validate Node title validation handler.
node_delete_confirm Page callback: Form constructor for node deletion confirmation form.
node_delete_confirm_submit Form submission handler for node_delete_confirm().
node_form Form constructor for the node add/edit form.
node_form_preview Form submission handler that redirects to the node preview().
node_form_submit Form submission handler that saves the node for node_form().
node_form_submit_build_node Updates the form state's node entity by processing this submission's values.
node_form_validate Form validation handler for node_form().
node_page_edit Page callback: Presents the node editing form.
node_preview Generates a node preview.
node_preview_banner_form Get the preview form selection box.
node_preview_banner_form_node_submit Submit handler for the node preview banner form.
node_preview_banner_form_view_mode_submit Submit handler for the node preview view mode selection form.
node_revision_delete_confirm Form constructor for the revision deletion confirmation form.
node_revision_delete_confirm_submit Form submission handler for node_revision_delete_confirm().
node_revision_overview Page callback: Generates an overview table of older revisions of a node.
node_revision_revert_confirm Asks for confirmation of the reversion to prevent against CSRF attacks.
node_revision_revert_confirm_submit Form submission handler for node_revision_revert_confirm().