actions_get_info in core/includes/
Retrieves a single action's info by its name, or all actions
admin_bar_output in core/modules/admin_bar/
Build the administration bar output.
admin_bar_tree in core/modules/admin_bar/
Build the full administration bar tree from static and expanded dynamic items.
ajax_render in core/includes/
Renders a commands array into JSON.
archiver_get_info in core/includes/
Retrieves a list of all available archivers.
backdrop_autoload in core/includes/
Confirms that a class is available.
backdrop_cron_run in core/includes/
Executes a cron run when called.
backdrop_deliver_page in core/includes/
Delivers a page callback result to the browser in the appropriate format.
backdrop_get_complete_schema in core/includes/
Gets the whole database schema.
backdrop_get_css in core/includes/
Returns a themed representation of all stylesheets to attach to the page.
backdrop_get_filetransfer_info in core/includes/
Assembles the Backdrop FileTransfer registry.
backdrop_get_html_head in core/includes/
Retrieves output to be displayed in the HEAD tag of the HTML page.
backdrop_get_js in core/includes/
Returns a themed presentation of all JavaScript code for the current page.
backdrop_get_library in core/includes/
Retrieves information for a JavaScript/CSS library.
backdrop_get_updaters in core/includes/
Assembles the Backdrop Updater registry.
backdrop_goto in core/includes/
Sends the user to a different page.
backdrop_mail in core/includes/
Composes and optionally sends an email message.
backdrop_prepare_form in core/includes/
Prepares a structured form array.
batch_process in core/includes/
Processes the batch.
ckeditor5_get_config in core/modules/ckeditor5/ckeditor5.module
Editor JS settings callback; Add CKEditor config to the page for a format.
ckeditor5_library_info in core/modules/ckeditor5/ckeditor5.module
Implements hook_library_info().
ckeditor5_plugins in core/modules/ckeditor5/ckeditor5.module
Retrieves the full list of installed CKEditor plugins.
ckeditor_get_settings in core/modules/ckeditor/ckeditor.module
Editor JS settings callback; Add CKEditor settings to the page for a format.
ckeditor_plugins in core/modules/ckeditor/ckeditor.module
Retrieves the full list of installed CKEditor 4 plugins.
CommentStorageController::view in core/modules/comment/
Overrides DefaultEntityController::view().
CommonBackdropAlterTestCase::testBackdropAlter in core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test
config_get_info in core/modules/config/config.module
Retrieves configuration information provided by modules.
contextual_pre_render_links in core/modules/contextual/contextual.module
Pre-render callback: Builds a renderable array for contextual links.
country_get_list in core/includes/
Get list of all predefined and custom countries.
date_combo_element_process in core/modules/date/
Process an individual date element.
date_combo_validate in core/modules/date/
Validate and update a combo element.
date_field_formatter_settings_form in core/modules/date/
Implements hook_field_formatter_settings_form().
date_field_formatter_settings_summary in core/modules/date/
Implements hook_field_formatter_settings_summary().
date_field_formatter_view in core/modules/date/
Implements hook_field_formatter_view().
date_field_insert in core/modules/date/
Implements hook_field_insert().
date_field_update in core/modules/date/
Implements hook_field_update().
date_formatter_process in core/modules/date/date.module
Helper function for creating formatted date arrays from a formatter.
date_popup_element_process in core/modules/date/
Javascript popup element processing.
date_popup_validate in core/modules/date/
Massage the input values back into a single date.
date_select_element_process in core/modules/date/
Flexible date/time drop-down selector.
date_select_validate in core/modules/date/
Validation function for date selector.
date_text_element_process in core/modules/date/
Text date input form.
date_text_validate in core/modules/date/
Validation for text input.
date_timezone_element_process in core/modules/date/
Creates a timezone form element.
date_views_argument_handler_simple::get_default_argument in core/modules/date/views/
Set the empty argument value to the current date.
date_year_range_element_process in core/modules/date/
Process callback which creates a date_year_range form element.
DefaultEntityController::view in core/modules/entity/
Implements EntityControllerInterface::view().
drupal_alter in core/includes/
Passes alterable variables to specific hook_TYPE_alter() implementations.
element_info in core/includes/
Retrieves the default properties for the defined element type.
EntityFieldQuery::execute in core/modules/entity/
Executes the query.
EntityReferenceSelectionHandlerGeneric::reAlterQuery in core/modules/entityreference/plugins/selection/
Helper method: pass a query to the alteration system again.
EntityReferenceSelectionHandlerGeneric_taxonomy_term::entityFieldQueryAlter in core/modules/entityreference/plugins/selection/
Implements EntityReferenceHandler::entityFieldQueryAlter().
entity_example_basic_view in modules/examples/entity_example/entity_example.module
Menu callback to display an entity.
entity_get_info in core/modules/entity/entity.module
Gets the entity info array of an entity type.
entity_view_mode_prepare in core/modules/entity/entity.module
Invoke hook_entity_view_mode_alter().
field_attach_prepare_translation in core/modules/field/
Prepares an entity for translation.
field_attach_preprocess in core/modules/field/
Populate the template variables with the field values available for rendering.
field_attach_view in core/modules/field/
Returns a renderable array for the fields on an entity.
field_available_languages in core/modules/field/
Collects the available languages for the given entity type and field.
field_default_form in core/modules/field/
Creates a form element for a field and can populate it with a default value.
field_extra_fields_get_display in core/modules/field/field.module
Returns the display settings to use for pseudo-fields in a display mode.
field_get_display in core/modules/field/field.module
Returns the display settings to use for an instance in a given display mode.
field_language in core/modules/field/
Returns the display language for the fields attached to the given entity.
field_multiple_value_form in core/modules/field/
Special handling to create form elements for multiple values.
field_retrieve_schema in core/modules/field/
Retrieves the schema for a field.
field_ui_display_form in core/modules/field_ui/
Form constructor for the field display settings for a given display mode.
field_views_data in core/modules/field/views/
Implements hook_views_data().
field_view_field in core/modules/field/field.module
Returns a renderable array for the value of a single field in an entity.
FileStorageController::view in core/modules/file/
Overrides DefaultEntityController::view().
file_create_url in core/includes/
Creates a web-accessible URL for a stream to an external or local file.
file_download_page in core/modules/file/
Menu callback; download a single file entity.
file_file_download in core/modules/file/file.module
Implements hook_file_download().
file_get_filetype_candidates in core/modules/file/
Get the candidate filetypes for a given file.
file_get_stream_wrappers in core/includes/
Provides Backdrop stream wrapper registry.
file_get_type in core/modules/file/file.module
Determines file type for a given file.
file_info_formatter_types in core/modules/file/
Returns information about file formatters from hook_file_formatter_info().
file_mimetype_mapping in core/includes/
Return an array of MIME extension mappings.
filter_get_editors in core/modules/filter/filter.module
Returns a list of text editors that are used with 'text_format' elements.
filter_get_filters in core/modules/filter/filter.module
Returns a list of all filters provided by modules.
filter_get_js_settings in core/modules/filter/filter.module
Retrieve JavaScript settings that should be added by each filter.
icon_get_info in core/includes/
Get info about a module-provided icons.
image_effect_definitions in core/modules/image/image.module
Pull in image effects exposed by modules implementing hook_image_effect_info().
image_field_widget_form in core/modules/image/
Implements hook_field_widget_form().
image_styles in core/modules/image/image.module
Get an array of all styles and their settings.
installer_browser_get_server in core/modules/installer/
Gets the server to use for fetching results.
language_fallback_get_candidates in core/includes/
Returns the possible fallback languages ordered by language weight.
language_negotiation_get_switch_links in core/includes/
Returns the language switch links for the given language.
language_negotiation_info in core/includes/
Returns all the defined language negotiation providers.
language_types_info in core/includes/
Returns all the defined language types.
LayoutRendererStandard::renderBlock in core/modules/layout/plugins/renderers/
Render a block using its designated style.
layout_get_block_info in core/modules/layout/layout.module
Get information about all blocks or just a single one.
layout_load_multiple_by_router_item in core/modules/layout/layout.module
Load all layouts for a given router item and allow other modules to alter them and/or set their contexts.
menu_contextual_links in core/includes/
Retrieves contextual links for a path based on registered local tasks.
menu_get_active_breadcrumb in core/includes/
Gets the breadcrumb for the current page, as determined by the active trail.
menu_get_item in core/includes/
Gets a router item.
menu_link_save in core/includes/
Saves a menu link.
menu_local_tasks in core/includes/
Collects the local tasks (tabs), action links, and the root path.
menu_router_build in core/includes/
Collects and alters the menu definitions.
module_implements in core/includes/
Determines which modules are implementing a hook.
NodeAccessRecordsUnitTest::testNodeAccessRecords in core/modules/node/tests/node.test
Creates a node and tests the creation of node access rules.
NodeStorageController::view in core/modules/node/
Overrides DefaultEntityController::view().
node_access_acquire_grants in core/modules/node/node.module
Gets the list of node access grants and writes them to the database.
node_access_grants in core/modules/node/node.module
Fetches an array of permission IDs granted to the given user ID.
path_autocomplete in core/modules/system/system.module
Menu callback; Autocomplete callback for paths.
path_generate_entity_alias in core/modules/path/
Apply patterns to create an alias for an entity.
path_get_admin_paths in core/includes/
Gets a list of administrative and non-administrative paths.
path_get_info in core/modules/path/path.module
Get all path information from modules implementing hook_path_info().
path_punctuation_chars in core/modules/path/
Return an array of arrays for punctuation values.
redirect_get_redirect_operations in core/modules/redirect/redirect.module
Fetch an array of redirect bulk operations.
redirect_hash in core/modules/redirect/redirect.module
Create a redirect hash.
redirect_list_form in core/modules/redirect/
Form callback; Display the list of all redirects.
redirect_load_by_source in core/modules/redirect/redirect.module
Load multiple URL redirects from the database by {redirect}.source.
redirect_parse_url in core/modules/redirect/redirect.module
Parse URLs into component parts: fragment, query, protocol, and URL.
redirect_redirect in core/modules/redirect/redirect.module
Perform an URL redirect.
redirect_url in core/modules/redirect/redirect.module
Build the URL of a redirect for display purposes only.
SelectQuery::preExecute in core/includes/database/
Implements SelectQueryInterface::preExecute().
simpletest_test_get_all in core/modules/simpletest/simpletest.module
Get a list of all of the tests provided by the system.
system_menu_tree_block_data in core/modules/system/
Gets the data structure representing a menu tree for the given configuration.
system_themes_page in core/modules/system/
Menu callback; displays a listing of all themes.
TaxonomyTermController::view in core/modules/taxonomy/
Overrides DefaultEntityController::view().
taxonomy_term_page in core/modules/taxonomy/
Menu callback; displays all nodes associated with a term.
telemetry_get_data in core/modules/telemetry/telemetry.module
Retrieve the Telemetry data values from modules.
telemetry_get_info in core/modules/telemetry/telemetry.module
timezone_country_get_list in core/includes/
Get list of all predefined and custom timezone countries.
token_generate in core/includes/
Generates replacement values for a list of tokens.
token_info in core/includes/
Returns metadata describing supported tokens.
transliteration_clean_filename in core/includes/
Transliterates and sanitizes a file name.
update_calculate_project_data in core/modules/update/
Calculates the current update status of all projects on the site.
update_get_projects in core/modules/update/
Fetches an array of installed and enabled projects.
url in core/includes/
Generates an internal or external URL.
UserStorageController::view in core/modules/user/
Overrides DefaultEntityController::view().
user_cancel_methods in core/modules/user/
Helper function to return available account cancellation methods.
user_format_name in core/modules/user/user.module
Format a username.
user_password_reject_weak in core/modules/user/
Get the password strength score required for an account.
views_ajax in core/modules/views/includes/
Menu callback to load a view via AJAX.
views_discover_plugins in core/modules/views/includes/
Builds and return a list of all plugins available in the system.
views_handler::options_form in core/modules/views/includes/
Build the options form.
views_ui_config_item_form in core/modules/views_ui/
Form to config_item items in the views UI.
views_ui_get_display_tab in core/modules/views_ui/
Returns a renderable array representing the configure page for one display.
views_ui_preview in core/modules/views_ui/
Returns the results of the live preview.
views_ui_render_display_top in core/modules/views_ui/
Render the top of the display so it can be updated during ajax operations.
_ckeditor5_upgrade_format in core/modules/ckeditor5/
Internal use only, performs the actual upgrade.
_date_field_instance_settings_form in core/modules/date/
Helper function for date_field_instance_settings_form().
_date_field_settings_form in core/modules/date/
Helper function for date_field_settings_form().
_date_field_widget_settings_form in core/modules/date/
Helper function for date_field_widget_settings_form().
_date_html5_field_widget_settings_form in core/modules/date/
Custom callback to provide the HTML5 widget settings form.
_field_info_collate_fields in core/modules/field/
Collates all information on existing fields and instances.
_field_info_collate_types in core/modules/field/
Collates all information on field types, widget types and related structures.
_field_info_prepare_field in core/modules/field/
Prepares a field definition for the current run-time context.
_field_token_info in core/modules/field/
Fetch an array of field data used for tokens.
_menu_link_translate in core/includes/
Provides menu link access control, translation, and argument handling.
_menu_site_status in core/includes/
Checks whether the site is in maintenance mode.
_system_rebuild_module_data in core/modules/system/system.module
Helper function to scan and collect module .info data.
_system_rebuild_theme_data in core/modules/system/system.module
Helper function to scan and collect theme .info data and their engines.
_theme_build_registry in core/includes/
Builds the theme registry cache.
_theme_test_alter in core/modules/simpletest/tests/theme_test.module
Page callback, calls backdrop_alter().