Various functions that are required by the Installer browse pages.




Namesort descending Description
installer_browser_add_remove_queue_dialog_link Builds an "add-to-queue-link" button for project detail dialog.
installer_browser_add_remove_queue_dialog_link_ajax AJAX submit handler for installer_browser_add_remove_queue_dialog_link().
installer_browser_add_remove_queue_dialog_link_submit Submit handler for installer_browser_add_remove_queue_dialog_link().
installer_browser_add_remove_queue_link Builds the add/remove project to install queue link.
installer_browser_check_zip_loaded Checks if PHP zip extension loaded on webserver.
installer_browser_fetch_results Fetches results from the server based on the parameters passed in.
installer_browser_get_destination_after_install Determines the form destination after installed projects.
installer_browser_get_installed_projects Gets the newly installed projects from the session.
installer_browser_get_installed_types Determines the types of installed projects.
installer_browser_get_listed_projects Gets the currently listed projects from the session.
installer_browser_get_missing_dependencies Gets the dependencies for installed projects.
installer_browser_get_project_release_data Uses the project status url to get the available releases for a project.
installer_browser_get_queued_projects Gets the currently queued projects from the session.
installer_browser_get_queued_releases Gets the currently queued releases from the session.
installer_browser_get_release Gets a release from a project and a release_name.
installer_browser_get_server Gets the server to use for fetching results.
installer_browser_installed_projects_remove Removes a project from the list of recently installed projects.
installer_browser_install_queue_add Adds a project to the install queue.
installer_browser_install_queue_clear Clears the install queue.
installer_browser_install_queue_remove Removes a project from the install queue.
_installer_browser_batch_install_release Batch API callback: Installs a single release of a project during batch.
_installer_browser_batch_install_releases_finished Batch API callback: shows a message and finishes up the batch.
_installer_browser_is_project_enabled Checks if a project is enabled.