1 installer.browser.inc installer_browser_get_project_release_data(array $project)

Uses the project status url to get the available releases for a project.


array $project: Associative array of information about the project to fetch release data for, as returned by the remote server.

Return value

array|FALSE: An array of releases for this project or FALSE if the project is not found.


core/modules/installer/installer.browser.inc, line 300
Various functions that are required by the Installer browse pages.


function installer_browser_get_project_release_data(array $project) {
  $project['project_type'] = $project['type'];
  // Build the releases cache for this project
  module_load_include('inc', 'update', 'update.fetch');
  if (_update_process_fetch_task($project)) {
    $data = _update_cache_get('available_releases::' . $project['name']);
    if (isset($data->data) && isset($data->data['releases']) && is_array($data->data['releases'])) {
      return $data->data;

  return FALSE;