Page callbacks used by the Installer browse pages.




Namesort descending Description
installer_browser_filters_form Builds the filters form.
installer_browser_filters_form_submit Handles the filters form submit.
installer_browser_get_install_list Returns the themed install list form.
installer_browser_get_sort_options Returns a list of sort options.
installer_browser_get_sort_widget Returns a themed sort widget for the filters.
installer_browser_installation_enable_form Form builder for the select versions form.
installer_browser_installation_enable_form_submit Form submit handler for the enable modules form.
installer_browser_installation_enable_page Task page for the Enable projects installation task.
installer_browser_installation_install_dependencies_page Task page for the Install Dependencies installation task.
installer_browser_installation_page Menu callback; page to install projects.
installer_browser_installation_reset Menu callback; Provides the ability to clear the current queue of projects.
installer_browser_installation_select_versions_form Form builder for the select versions form.
installer_browser_installation_select_versions_form_submit Submit handler for the select versions form.
installer_browser_installation_select_versions_page Menu callback; Task page for the select versions installation task.
installer_browser_installation_task_list Get a task list to the sidebar area when installing projects.
installer_browser_installation_theme_finish Submit callback for installer_browser_installation_theme_form().
installer_browser_installation_theme_form Form builder for theme install.
installer_browser_installation_theme_next Submit callback for installer_browser_installation_theme_form().
installer_browser_installation_theme_set Sets a selected theme as the default site theme.
installer_browser_install_button_form Shows an install button for the Install Queue block.
installer_browser_install_queue_callback Menu callback; Allows for adding to and removing from the install queue.
installer_browser_manual_install_link Shows the link to open the manual install dialog.
installer_browser_page Page to display the projects.
installer_browser_path Given a project type, return the path to the installer page.
installer_browser_project_display Page to display individual projects in a modal.
installer_browser_type_from_path Determine the project type from a given internal path.