1 installer.pages.inc installer_browser_installation_task_list($active = NULL)

Get a task list to the sidebar area when installing projects.

This will need to be called from every page of the install process.


$active: (Optional) Set the active task by key.

Return value

string: The rendered HTML for the installation task list.


core/modules/installer/installer.pages.inc, line 811
Page callbacks used by the Installer browse pages.


function installer_browser_installation_task_list($active = NULL) {
  // Default list of tasks.
  $tasks = array(
    'select_versions' => t('Select versions'),
    'install_dependencies' => t('Install dependencies'),
    'theme' => t('Enable themes'),
    'enable' => t('Enable modules'),

  require_once BACKDROP_ROOT . '/core/includes/theme.maintenance.inc';

  return theme('task_list', array('items' => $tasks, 'active' => $active));