1 telemetry.module telemetry_get_info()

Return value

array: A list of all items collected by all modules. Keyed by a unique identifier, each Telemetry item includes the following keys:

  • label: A short, translated label of the data being collected.
  • description: A longer, translated description of the data.
  • module: The name of the module providing the item.


core/modules/telemetry/telemetry.module, line 46
Collects usage information to help improve Backdrop CMS.


function telemetry_get_info() {
  $telemetry_info = array();

  foreach (module_implements('telemetry_info') as $module_name) {
    $module_info = module_invoke($module_name, 'telemetry_info');
    // Add in the module name to each tracked item.
    foreach ($module_info as $key => $item) {
      $project_name = $item['project'];
      $item['module'] = $module_name;
      $telemetry_info[$project_name][$key] = $item;

  backdrop_alter('telemetry_info', $telemetry_info);
  return $telemetry_info;