Menu block configuration form and display.




Namesort descending Description
system_menu_block_build Build a menu tree based on the provided configuration.
system_menu_block_defaults The default menu block configuration.
system_menu_block_form Returns the configuration form for a menu tree.
system_menu_block_get_title Retrieves the menu item to use for the tree's title.
system_menu_block_set_title Sets the menu item to use for the tree's title.
system_menu_tree_block_data Gets the data structure representing a menu tree for the given configuration.
system_menu_tree_depth_trim Prune a tree so it does not extend beyond the specified depth limit.
system_menu_tree_prune_tree Prune a tree so that it begins at the specified level.
system_menu_tree_trim_active_path Trim everything but the active trail in the tree.
_system_block_configure Implements hook_block_configure().