1. 1 core/includes/ajax.inc
  2. 1 core/modules/views/includes/ajax.inc

Handles the server side AJAX interactions of Views.




Namesort descending Description
views_ajax Menu callback to load a view via AJAX.
views_ajax_autocomplete_taxonomy Page callback for views taxonomy autocomplete.
views_ajax_autocomplete_user Page callback for views user autocomplete
views_ajax_command_add_tab Creates a Backdrop AJAX 'addTab' command.
views_ajax_command_hilite Creates a Backdrop AJAX 'viewsHilite' command.
views_ajax_command_replace_title Replace the page title.
views_ajax_command_scroll_top Scroll to top of the current view.
views_ajax_command_show_buttons Shows Save and Cancel buttons.
views_ajax_command_trigger_preview Trigger the Views live preview.
views_ajax_error Return an AJAX error.
views_ajax_form_wrapper Wrapper around backdrop_build_form to handle some AJAX stuff automatically. This makes some assumptions about the client.