1 path.module path_get_info()

Get all path information from modules implementing hook_path_info().


core/modules/path/path.module, line 595
Enables users to customize URLs and provide automatic URL alias patterns.


function path_get_info() {
  $all_info = &backdrop_static(__FUNCTION__, array());

  if (empty($all_info)) {
    $modules = module_implements('path_info');
    foreach ($modules as $module) {
      $callback = $module . '_path_info';
      $module_path_info = $callback();
      foreach ($module_path_info as $path_type => $path_info) {
        $path_info += array(
          'module' => $module,
          'batch file path' => backdrop_get_path('module', $module),
        $all_info[$path_type] = $path_info;

        // Backdrop core 1.26.2 introduced a 'pattern label' key in
        // hook_path_info() (in addition to the 'pattern description' key), in
        // order to allow both a label and a description to be specified
        // individually for the default URL alias pattern field.
        // Earlier implementations of the hook only allowed a 'pattern
        // description' key, which was used as a label. Here, we provide
        // backwards compatibility by moving the text specified in the 'pattern
        // description' key to the 'pattern label' key.
        if (!isset($path_info['pattern label']) && isset($path_info['pattern description'])) {
          $path_info['pattern label'] = $path_info['pattern description'];
          unset($path_info['pattern description']);
    backdrop_alter('path_info', $all_info);

  return $all_info;