Provides testing functionality.




Namesort descending Description
simpletest_autoload_info Implements hook_autoload_info().
simpletest_clean_database Removed prefixed tables from the database that are left over from crashed tests.
simpletest_clean_environment Remove all temporary database tables and directories.
simpletest_clean_profile_cache_folders Removes cached profile folders from the files directory.
simpletest_clean_profile_cache_tables Removes cached profile tables from the database.
simpletest_clean_results_table Clear the test result tables.
simpletest_clean_temporary_directories Find all leftover temporary directories and remove them.
simpletest_config_info Implements hook_config_info().
simpletest_generate_file Generate test file.
simpletest_get_profiles Gets a list of the installation profiles that are available.
simpletest_js_alter Implements hook_js_alter().
simpletest_last_test_get Get information about the last test that ran given a test ID.
simpletest_log_read Read the error log and report any errors as assertion failures.
simpletest_mail_alter Implements hook_mail_alter().
simpletest_menu Implements hook_menu().
simpletest_permission Implements hook_permission().
simpletest_run_tests Actually runs tests.
simpletest_test_get_all Get a list of all of the tests provided by the system.
simpletest_test_get_by_class Get information about a test by its class name.
simpletest_theme Implements hook_theme().
_simpletest_batch_operation Batch operation callback.