actions_get_info in core/includes/
Retrieves a single action's info by its name, or all actions
archiver_get_info in core/includes/
Retrieves a list of all available archivers.
backdrop_get_css in core/includes/
Returns a themed representation of all stylesheets to attach to the page.
backdrop_get_filetransfer_info in core/includes/
Assembles the Backdrop FileTransfer registry.
backdrop_get_js in core/includes/
Returns a themed presentation of all JavaScript code for the current page.
backdrop_get_updaters in core/includes/
Assembles the Backdrop Updater registry.
comment_view_multiple in core/modules/comment/comment.module
Constructs render array from an array of loaded comments.
CommonBackdropSortUnitTest::testBackdropSort in core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test
Tests backdrop_sort().
contact_config_data in core/modules/contact/contact.module
Loads an array of all contact categories.
DashboardUpdateBlock::getContent in core/modules/dashboard/includes/
Return the content of a block.
element_children in core/includes/
Identifies the children of an element array, optionally sorted by weight.
field_ui_display_overview in core/modules/field_ui/
Form constructor for the field display settings for a given display mode.
file_list_types_page in core/modules/file/
Displays the file type admin overview page.
FilterAdminTestCase::testFilterAdmin in core/modules/filter/tests/filter.test
Tests filter administration functionality.
filter_admin_overview in core/modules/filter/
Page callback: Form constructor for a form to list and reorder text formats.
filter_formats in core/modules/filter/filter.module
Retrieves a list of text formats, ordered by weight.
filter_get_filters in core/modules/filter/filter.module
Returns a list of all filters provided by modules.
image_effect_definitions in core/modules/image/image.module
Pull in image effects exposed by modules implementing hook_image_effect_info().
image_styles in core/modules/image/image.module
Get an array of all styles and their settings.
language_list in core/includes/
Returns a list of configured languages.
language_negotiation_configure_form_submit in core/modules/locale/
Submit handler for language negotiation settings.
language_negotiation_configure_form_table in core/modules/locale/
Helper function to build a language provider table.
language_save in core/modules/language/language.module
API function to add or update a language.
layout_block_add_page in core/modules/layout/
Menu callback; Display a list of blocks to be added to a layout.
layout_block_list in core/modules/layout/
Menu callback; Lists all blocks and their modules.
layout_condition_add_form in core/modules/layout/
Form callback; Displays form for adding new conditions to a layout or block.
layout_context_add_form in core/modules/layout/
Form callback; Displays form for adding new contexts to a layout.
layout_context_relationship_add_form in core/modules/layout/
Form callback; Displays form for adding new relationships to a layout.
layout_get_all_configs in core/modules/layout/layout.module
Read all configuration files from disk of a particular layout type.
layout_get_layout_template_info in core/modules/layout/layout.module
Load the information of either a single layout template or all available layout templates.
menu_overview_page in core/modules/menu/
Menu callback which shows an overview page of all the custom menus and their descriptions.
node_add_page in core/modules/node/
Page callback: Displays add content links for available content types.
node_preview_banner_form in core/modules/node/
Get the preview form selection box.
node_search_admin in core/modules/node/node.module
Implements hook_search_admin().
node_view_multiple in core/modules/node/node.module
Constructs a backdrop_render() style array from an array of loaded nodes.
seven_admin_block_content in core/themes/seven/template.php
Overrides theme_admin_block_content().
system_admin_index in core/modules/system/
Menu callback; prints a listing of admin tasks, organized by module.
system_tokens in core/modules/system/
Implements hook_tokens().
taxonomy_overview_terms_submit in core/modules/taxonomy/
Submit handler for terms overview form.
taxonomy_term_view_multiple in core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module
Constructs a backdrop_render() style array from an array of loaded terms.
theme_admin_bar_links in core/modules/admin_bar/
Render a themed list of links.
theme_simpletest_test_table in core/modules/simpletest/
Returns HTML for a test list generated by simpletest_test_form() into a table.
theme_status_report in core/modules/system/
Returns HTML for the status report.
token_get_info in core/includes/
Retrieve, sort, store token info from the cache.
update_resolve_dependencies in core/includes/
Resolves dependencies in a set of module updates, and orders them correctly.
user_roles in core/modules/user/user.module
Retrieve an array of roles matching specified conditions.
views_handler_filter::build_group_submit in core/modules/views/handlers/
Save new group items, re-enumerates and remove groups marked to delete.
_entityreference_field_settings_process in core/modules/entityreference/entityreference.module
Callback for custom element processing.
_field_info_collate_types in core/modules/field/
Collates all information on field types, widget types and related structures.
_field_ui_reduce_order in core/modules/field_ui/
Determines the rendering order of an array representing a tree.
_file_sort_array_by_weight in core/modules/file/file.module
Sorts an array by weight.