Administrative functions for custom layout contexts.




Namesort descending Description
layout_ajax_context_cancel_dialog AJAX handler that cancels the context edit dialog.
layout_context_add_form Form callback; Displays form for adding new contexts to a layout.
layout_context_add_form_cancel Submit handler for the cancel button on layout_context_add_form().
layout_context_add_form_submit Submit handler for layout_context_add_form().
layout_context_add_form_validate Validation handler for layout_context_add_form().
layout_context_add_load_context_nojs Submit handler to select a context. Hidden when JavaScript is enabled.
layout_context_ajax_style AJAX callback to update the context settings.
layout_context_return_form Helper function to return a partial context settings form.
layout_settings_form_context_add Submit handler for layout_settings_form() that lets the user add a context.
layout_settings_form_context_edit Submit handler for layout_settings_form() that edits a context.
layout_settings_form_context_remove Submit handler for layout_settings_form() that removes a context.