Backdrop site update API.

This file contains functions to perform database and config updates for a Backdrop installation. It is included and used extensively by update.php.




Namesort descending Description
update_already_performed Determines if a module update has already been performed.
update_batch Starts the site update batch process.
update_build_dependency_graph Constructs a graph which encodes the dependencies between module updates.
update_check_incompatibility Tests the compatibility of a module or theme.
update_do_one Performs one update and stores the results for display on the results page.
update_finished Finishes the update process and stores the results for eventual display.
update_fix_compatibility Disable any items in the {system} table that are not core compatible.
update_fix_requirements Perform Drupal 7.x to Backdrop 1.x updates that are required for update.php to function properly.
update_get_update_function_list Returns an organized list of update functions for a set of modules.
update_get_update_list Returns a list of all the pending site updates.
update_is_missing Determines if a module update is missing or unavailable.
update_module_add_to_system Adds modules to the system table in a Backdrop core update.
update_module_enable Helper function to install a new module in Backdrop 1.x via hook_update_N().
update_prepare_bootstrap Performs extra steps required to bootstrap when using a Drupal 7 database.
update_prepare_language Prepare Backdrop language changes for the bootstrap if needed.
update_resolve_dependencies Resolves dependencies in a set of module updates, and orders them correctly.
update_retrieve_dependencies Invokes hook_update_dependencies() in all installed modules.
update_upgrade_check_dependencies Checks for disabled dependencies during a Drupal 7 upgrade.
update_upgrade_enable_dependencies Enables needed dependencies.
update_upgrade_modules_to_enable Finds out which modules need to be enabled.
update_variable_del Delete a variable from the database during update hooks.
update_variable_get Gets the value of a variable from the database during update hooks.
update_variable_set Sets a persistent variable during update hooks.


Namesort descending Description
REQUIRED_D7_SCHEMA_VERSION Minimum schema version of Drupal 7 required for upgrade to Backdrop.


Namesort descending Description
BackdropUpdateException @class Exception class used to throw error if a module update fails.