1 update.inc update_is_missing($module, $number, $update_functions)

Determines if a module update is missing or unavailable.


$module: The name of the module.

$number: The number of the update within that module.

$update_functions: An organized array of update functions, in the format returned by update_get_update_function_list(). This should represent all module updates that are requested to run at the time this function is called.

Return value

TRUE if the provided module update is not installed or is not in the: provided list of updates to run; FALSE otherwise.


core/includes/update.inc, line 920
Backdrop database update API.


function update_is_missing($module, $number, $update_functions) {
  return !isset($update_functions[$module][$number]) || !function_exists($update_functions[$module][$number]);