1 system.api.php hook_update_last_removed()

Return a number which is no longer available as hook_update_N().

If you remove some update functions from your mymodule.install file, you should notify Backdrop of those missing functions. This way, Backdrop can ensure that no update is accidentally skipped.

Implementations of this hook should be placed in a mymodule.install file in the same directory as mymodule.module.

If upgrading from a Drupal 7 module where the last removed update was a update function numbering in the 7xxx values, that update number should still be returned even though it is a higher number than the first Backdrop module update (which should start at hook_update_1000). When comparing update numbers, Backdrop will consider 1xxx updates to come after 7xxx updates.

Return value

int: An integer, corresponding to hook_update_N() which has been removed from mymodule.install.

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core/modules/system/system.api.php, line 3045
Hooks provided by Backdrop core and the System module.


function hook_update_last_removed() {
  // We've removed the 1.x-1.x version of mymodule, including database updates.
  // For the 1.x-2.x version of the module, the next update function would be
  // mymodule_update_1200().
  return 1103;