block_custom_block_delete in core/modules/block/
Form constructor for the custom block deletion form.
book_remove_form in core/modules/book/
Form constructor to confirm removal of a node from a book.
comment_confirm_delete in core/modules/comment/
Form constructor for the confirmation form for comment deletion.
comment_multiple_delete_confirm in core/modules/comment/
Form constructor for the confirmation form for bulk comment deletion.
contact_category_delete_form in core/modules/contact/
Form constructor for the contact category deletion form.
field_ui_field_delete_form in core/modules/field_ui/
Form constructor for removing a field instance from a bundle.
field_ui_view_mode_delete_form in core/modules/field_ui/
Form builder: Delete a display mode.
field_ui_view_mode_reset_form in core/modules/field_ui/
Confirm form: Resets a display mode to using the default display.
file_delete_form in core/modules/file/
Page callback: Form constructor for the file deletion confirmation form.
file_multiple_delete_confirm in core/modules/file/
Multiple file deletion confirmation form.
file_type_classify_confirm in core/modules/file/
Confirm form for file type classification process.
file_type_delete_confirm in core/modules/file/
Menu callback; delete a single file type.
file_type_revert_confirm in core/modules/file/
Menu callback; revert a single file type.
filter_admin_disable in core/modules/filter/
Form constructor for the text format deletion confirmation form.
image_effect_delete_form in core/modules/image/
Form builder; Form for deleting an image effect.
image_style_delete_form in core/modules/image/
Form builder; Form for deleting an image style.
image_style_revert_form in core/modules/image/
Confirmation form to revert a database style to its default.
language_admin_delete_form in core/modules/language/
User interface for the language deletion confirmation screen.
layout_delete_form in core/modules/layout/
Form callback. Delete or revert a layout.
locale_translate_delete_form in core/modules/locale/
User interface for the string deletion confirmation screen.
menu_delete_menu_confirm in core/modules/menu/
Build a confirm form for deletion of a custom menu.
menu_item_delete_form in core/modules/menu/
Build a confirm form for deletion of a single menu link.
menu_reset_item_confirm in core/modules/menu/
Menu callback; reset a single modified menu link.
node_configure_rebuild_confirm in core/modules/node/
Menu callback: confirm rebuilding of permissions.
node_delete_confirm in core/modules/node/
Page callback: Form constructor for node deletion confirmation form.
node_multiple_delete_confirm in core/modules/node/
Multiple node deletion confirmation form.
node_revision_delete_confirm in core/modules/node/
Form constructor for the revision deletion confirmation form.
node_revision_revert_confirm in core/modules/node/
Asks for confirmation of the reversion to prevent against CSRF attacks.
node_type_delete_confirm in core/modules/node/
Menu callback; delete a single content type.
path_admin_bulk_delete_confirm in core/modules/path/
Confirm form for URL alias bulk deletion.
path_admin_delete_confirm in core/modules/path/
Form constructor for the path deletion form.
redirect_delete_form in core/modules/redirect/
Form builder to delete an URL redirect.
redirect_list_form_operations_confirm_form in core/modules/redirect/
Form callback; Confirm a bulk operation on a list of redirects.
system_date_delete_format_form in core/modules/system/
Menu callback; present a form for deleting a date format.
system_modules_confirm_form in core/modules/system/
Display confirmation form for required modules.
system_modules_uninstall_confirm_form in core/modules/system/
Confirm uninstall of selected modules.
system_theme_disable_confirm in core/modules/system/
Theme disable confirmation form.
system_transliteration_retroactive in core/modules/system/
Form builder function; generates retroactive transliteration confirm form.
taxonomy_term_confirm_delete in core/modules/taxonomy/
Form builder for the term delete form.
taxonomy_vocabulary_confirm_delete in core/modules/taxonomy/
Form builder for the vocabulary delete confirmation form.
taxonomy_vocabulary_confirm_reset_alphabetical in core/modules/taxonomy/
Form builder to confirm resetting a vocabulary to alphabetical order.
user_admin_role_delete_confirm in core/modules/user/
Form to confirm role delete operation.
user_cancel_confirm_form in core/modules/user/
Form builder; confirm form for canceling user account.
user_multiple_cancel_confirm in core/modules/user/
Form builder; Cancel multiple accounts at the same time.
views_ui_break_lock_confirm in core/modules/views_ui/
Page to delete a view.
views_ui_delete_form in core/modules/views_ui/
Form callback; Delete a view.
views_ui_revert_form in core/modules/views_ui/
Form callback; Delete a view.