1 book.pages.inc book_remove_form($form, &$form_state, Node $node)

Form constructor to confirm removal of a node from a book.


Node $node: The node to delete.

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core/modules/book/book.pages.inc, line 34
User page callbacks for the book module.


function book_remove_form($form, &$form_state, Node $node) {
  $form['#node'] = $node;
  $title = array('%title' => $node->title);

  if ($node->book['has_children']) {
    $description = t('%title has associated child pages, which will be relocated automatically to maintain their connection to the book. To recreate the hierarchy (as it was before removing this page), %title may be added again using the Outline tab, and each of its former child pages will need to be relocated manually.', $title);
  else {
    $description = t('%title may be added to hierarchy again from the Book outline tab on the edit form.', $title);

  return confirm_form($form, t('Are you sure you want to remove %title from the book hierarchy?', $title), 'node/' . $node->nid, $description, t('Remove'));