1 menu.admin.inc menu_delete_menu_confirm($form, &$form_state, $menu)

Build a confirm form for deletion of a custom menu.


core/modules/menu/menu.admin.inc, line 613
Admin page callbacks for the Menu module.


function menu_delete_menu_confirm($form, &$form_state, $menu) {
  $form['#menu'] = $menu;
  $caption = '';
  $num_links = db_query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM {menu_links} WHERE menu_name = :menu", array(':menu' => $menu['menu_name']))->fetchField();
  if ($num_links) {
    $caption .= '<p>' . format_plural($num_links, '<strong>Warning:</strong> There is currently 1 menu link in %title. It will be deleted (system-defined items will be reset).', '<strong>Warning:</strong> There are currently @count menu links in %title. They will be deleted (system-defined links will be reset).', array('%title' => $menu['title'])) . '</p>';
  $caption .= '<p>' . t('This action cannot be undone.') . '</p>';
  return confirm_form($form, t('Are you sure you want to delete the custom menu %title?', array('%title' => $menu['title'])), 'admin/structure/menu/manage/' . $menu['menu_name'], $caption, t('Delete'));