Interface translation summary, editing and deletion user interfaces.




Namesort descending Description
locale_translate_delete_form User interface for the string deletion confirmation screen.
locale_translate_delete_form_submit Process string deletion submissions.
locale_translate_delete_page String deletion confirmation page.
locale_translate_edit_form User interface for string editing.
locale_translate_edit_form_submit Process string editing form submissions.
locale_translate_edit_form_validate Validate string editing form submissions.
locale_translate_seek_screen String search screen.
locale_translation_filters List locale translation filters that can be applied.
locale_translation_filter_form Return form for locale translation filters.
locale_translation_filter_form_submit Process result from locale translation filter form.
locale_translation_filter_form_validate Validate result from locale translation filter form.
_locale_translate_language_list List languages in search result table
_locale_translate_seek Perform a string search and display results in a table
_locale_translate_seek_query Build array out of search criteria specified in request variables