Contains filters are case sensitive
Name Typesort descending Namespace Location Description
LayoutBlockUsageTestCase class core/modules/layout/tests/layout.test Tests layout_get_block_usage().
WatchdogTestCase class core/modules/simpletest/tests/bootstrap.test
BootstrapWatchdogTestCase class core/modules/simpletest/tests/bootstrap.test
LayoutBlockTextTest class core/modules/layout/tests/layout.test Tests the BlockTest (custom text) block functionality.
TaxonomyQueryAlterTestCase class core/modules/taxonomy/tests/taxonomy.test Tests that appropriate query tags are added.
CommonURLWebTestCase class core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test Tests for URL generation functions.
SystemSettingsFormTest class core/modules/simpletest/tests/form.test
SystemConfigFormCase class core/modules/simpletest/tests/ Test forms that save data using the configuration system.
ConfigObjectTestCase class core/modules/simpletest/tests/config_obj.test Perform unit tests on the Config objects.
FileAdminTestCase class core/modules/file/tests/file.test Test file administration page functionality.
views_handler_field_file_link_delete class core/modules/file/views/ Field handler to present a link to delete a file.
views_handler_argument_file_fid class core/modules/file/views/ Argument handler to accept multiple file ids.
views_handler_filter_file_status class core/modules/file/views/ Filter by file status.
views_handler_field_file_extension class core/modules/file/views/ Returns a pure file extension of the file, for example 'module'.
views_handler_field_file_status class core/modules/file/views/ Field handler to translate a node type into its readable form.
views_handler_field_file_filemime class core/modules/file/views/ Field handler to add rendering MIME type images as an option on the filemime field.
views_handler_field_file class core/modules/file/views/ Field handler to provide simple renderer that allows linking to a file.
views_handler_field_file_uri class core/modules/file/views/ Field handler to add rendering file paths as file URLs instead of as internal file URIs.
FieldUIViewModeTestHelper class core/modules/field_ui/tests/field_ui.test Helper class for testing display mode functionality.
FieldUIViewModeFunctionalTest class core/modules/field_ui/tests/field_ui.test Tests display mode functionality.
File class core/modules/file/ Defines the file entity class.
FileStorageController class core/modules/file/ File storage controller for files.
PageComponents class core/modules/system/ PageComponents extends Block
ViewsSpecialBlock class core/modules/views/includes/ Displays special Views blocks, such as the Exposed Filters block.
ViewsBlock class core/modules/views/includes/ Displays a view listing as a block, with overriding options.
ViewsPluginDisplayBlockTestCase class core/modules/views/tests/plugins/views_plugin_display_block.test Basic test class for Views query builder tests.
BlockExample class modules/examples/block_example/ BlockExample extends Block
EntityExampleBasic class modules/examples/entity_example/ EntityExampleBasic extends Entity.
ViewsAjaxTest class core/modules/views/tests/views_ajax.test Tests views ajax display.
FormTextareaTestCase class core/modules/simpletest/tests/form.test Tests for form textarea.
views_handler_field_file_link_edit class core/modules/file/views/ Field handler to present a link to manage a file.
UserEditRebuildTestCase class core/modules/user/tests/user.test Tests editing a user account with and without a form rebuild.
CommonBackdropSortUnitTest class core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test Test that backdrop_sort() works correctly.
DatabaseNotFoundException class core/includes/database/ Exception thrown when the specified database cannot be found.
BackdropRequestSanitizerUnitTestCase class core/modules/system/tests/system.test Tests request sanitation used in early bootstrap.
SchemaCache class core/includes/ Extends BackdropCacheArray to allow for dynamic building of the schema cache.
BackdropDateTime class core/includes/ Extends PHP DateTime class for use with Backdrop.
CoreUpdater class core/modules/system/ Class for updating Backdrop core using FileTransfer classes via authorize.php.
UuidUnitTestCase class core/modules/system/tests/system.test Tests and related functions.
MenuBlockTestCase class core/modules/system/tests/system.test Test menu block settings.
LayoutRendererTest class core/modules/layout/tests/layout.test Tests that the correct renderer is used.
PagePreviewTestCase class core/modules/node/tests/node.test Tests the node entity preview functionality.
NodeTranslateBlockFunctionalTest class core/modules/node/tests/node.test Test translation settings on existing content block.
NodePublishScheduling class core/modules/node/tests/node.test Tests Draft, Published, Schedule Publish Time options for node types and node instances.
views_handler_filter_node_hidden_path class core/modules/node/views/ Filter by content type's hidden path setting.
CommentNodeAutoCloserTestCase class core/modules/comment/tests/comment.test Tests that comments behave correctly when the auto closer is enabled.
TaxonomyLanguageFunctionalTest class core/modules/taxonomy/tests/taxonomy.test Tests setting languages for taxonomy.
views_handler_argument_term_language class core/modules/taxonomy/views/ Argument handler to accept a language.
FormsFormCacheTestCase class core/modules/simpletest/tests/form.test Test cache_form.
views_handler_field_term_language class core/modules/locale/views/ Field handler to translate a language into its readable form.