Unit tests for the Backdrop Form API.




Namesort descending Description
FormAlterTestCase Test form alter hooks.
FormCheckboxTestCase Tests checkbox element.
FormElementTestCase Tests building and processing of core form elements.
FormEmailTestCase Tests email element.
FormH5datetimeTestCase Tests html5 date and time elements.
FormResizableTextareaTestCase Test transition from old JS-based textarea resize to new CSS approach.
FormsArbitraryRebuildTestCase Tests rebuilding of arbitrary forms by altering them.
FormsElementsLabelsTestCase Test form element labels, required markers and associated output.
FormsElementsTableSelectFunctionalTest Test the tableselect form element for expected behavior.
FormsElementsVerticalTabsFunctionalTest Test the vertical_tabs form element for expected behavior.
FormsFileInclusionTestCase Tests form API file inclusion.
FormsFormCacheTestCase Test cache_form.
FormsFormStoragePageCacheTestCase Test the form storage when page caching for anonymous users is turned on.
FormsFormStorageTestCase Test the form storage on a multistep form.
FormsFormWrapperTestCase Test wrapper form callbacks.
FormsProgrammaticTestCase Test the programmatic form submission behavior.
FormsRebuildTestCase Tests form rebuilding.
FormsRedirectTestCase Tests form redirection.
FormStateValuesCleanAdvancedTestCase Tests $form_state clearance with form elements having buttons.
FormStateValuesCleanTestCase Test $form_state clearance.
FormsTriggeringElementTestCase Test that FAPI correctly determines $form_state['triggering_element'].
FormTextareaTestCase Tests for form textarea.
FormUrlTestCase Tests url element.
FormValidationTestCase Test form validation handlers.
HTMLIdTestCase Tests uniqueness of generated HTML IDs.