Tests for taxonomy.module.




Namesort descending Description
TaxonomyEFQTestCase Tests the functionality of EntityFieldQuery for taxonomy entities.
TaxonomyHooksTestCase Tests for taxonomy hook invocation.
TaxonomyLanguageFunctionalTest Tests setting languages for taxonomy.
TaxonomyLegacyTestCase Test for legacy node bug.
TaxonomyLoadMultipleUnitTest Test the taxonomy_term_load_multiple() function.
TaxonomyQueryAlterTestCase Tests that appropriate query tags are added.
TaxonomyRSSTestCase Tests the rendering of term reference fields in RSS feeds.
TaxonomyTermFieldMultipleVocabularyTestCase Tests a taxonomy term reference field that allows multiple vocabularies.
TaxonomyTermFieldTestCase Tests for taxonomy term field and formatter.
TaxonomyTermIndexTestCase Tests the hook implementations that maintain the taxonomy index.
TaxonomyTermTestCase Tests for taxonomy term functions.
TaxonomyTermUnitTest Unit tests for taxonomy term functions.
TaxonomyThemeTestCase Tests for verifying that taxonomy pages use the correct theme.
TaxonomyTokenReplaceTestCase Test taxonomy token replacement in strings.
TaxonomyVocabularyFunctionalTest Tests the taxonomy vocabulary interface.
TaxonomyVocabularyUnitTest Tests for taxonomy vocabulary functions.
TaxonomyWebTestCase Provides common helper methods for Taxonomy module tests.