1 field_test.entity.inc field_test_entity_test_load($ftid, $ftvid = NULL)

Loads a test_entity.


$ftid: The id of the entity to load.

$ftvid: (Optional) The revision id of the entity to load. If not specified, the current revision will be used.

Return value

The loaded entity.:


core/modules/field/tests/field_test/field_test.entity.inc, line 240
Defines an entity type.


function field_test_entity_test_load($ftid, $ftvid = NULL) {
  // Load basic structure.
  $query = db_select('test_entity', 'fte', array())
    ->condition('fte.ftid', $ftid);

  if ($ftvid) {
    $query->join('test_entity_revision', 'fter', 'fte.ftid = fter.ftid');
    $query->addField('fte', 'ftid');
    $query->addField('fte', 'fttype');
    $query->addField('fter', 'ftvid');
    $query->condition('fter.ftvid', $ftvid);
  else {

  $entities = $query->execute()->fetchAllAssoc('ftid');
  foreach ($entities as $key => $entity) {
    $entities[$key] = entity_create('test_entity', (array) $entity);

  // Attach fields.
  if ($ftvid) {
    field_attach_load_revision('test_entity', $entities);
  else {
    field_attach_load('test_entity', $entities);

  return $entities[$ftid];