admin_bar_flush_cache in core/modules/admin_bar/
Flush all caches or a specific one.
ajax_prepare_response in core/includes/
Converts the return value of a page callback into an Ajax commands array.
backdrop_access_denied in core/includes/
Delivers an "access denied" error to the browser.
backdrop_deliver_html_page in core/includes/
Packages and sends the result of a page callback to the browser as HTML.
backdrop_json_deliver in core/includes/
Packages and sends the result of a page callback to the browser as JSON.
color_save_preview_settings in core/modules/color/color.module
Callback function to handle saving preview settings to the user's session.
comment_approve in core/modules/comment/
Page callback: Publishes the specified comment.
entityreference_autocomplete_callback_get_matches in core/modules/entityreference/entityreference.module
Return JSON based on given field, instance and string.
file_type_toggle_enable in core/modules/file/
Menu callback; disable or enable a single file type.
filter_admin_enable in core/modules/filter/
Page callback: Enable a text format.
image_style_deliver in core/modules/image/image.module
Menu callback; Given a style and image path, generate a derivative.
LayoutRendererStandard::renderBlocks in core/modules/layout/plugins/renderers/
Render all prepared blocks, first by dispatching to their plugin's render callback, then handing that output off to the block's style plugin.
layout_block_disable_page in core/modules/layout/
Menu callback; Set a block as disabled.
layout_block_remove_page in core/modules/layout/
Menu callback; Remove a block from a layout.
layout_break_lock_page in core/modules/layout/
Menu callback; Break a lock on a layout or menu item.
layout_flexible_template_delete_row in core/modules/layout/
Menu callback to delete a row from a flexible template.
layout_template_toggle_enabled in core/modules/layout/
Menu callback; Enable or disable a layout template.
layout_toggle_enabled in core/modules/layout/
Menu callback; Enable or disable a layout configuration.
menu_delete_menu_page in core/modules/menu/
Menu callback; check access and get a confirm form for deletion of a custom menu.
menu_execute_active_handler in core/includes/
Execute the page callback associated with the current path.
menu_item_delete_page in core/modules/menu/
Menu callback; Check access and present a confirm form for deleting a menu link.
system_theme_default in core/modules/system/
Menu callback; Set the default theme.
system_theme_disable_confirm in core/modules/system/
Theme disable confirmation form.
system_theme_enable in core/modules/system/
Menu callback; Enables a theme.
system_token_output in core/modules/system/
Page callback to output a token tree as an empty page.
user_cancel_confirm in core/modules/user/
Menu callback; cancel a user account via email confirmation link.
views_plugin_display_feed::execute in core/modules/views/plugins/
Feeds do not go through the standard page theme hooks. Instead, they go through their own theme function and then return NULL so that Backdrop believes that the page has already rendered itself... which it has.
views_ui_edit_page in core/modules/views_ui/
Page callback for the Configure View page.
views_ui_edit_page_display in core/modules/views_ui/
Helper function to return the used display_id for the configure page.
views_ui_toggle_enable_page in core/modules/views_ui/
Menu callback; Enable a view and return to the view listing page.