Provides configurable (flexible) layout templates.

This provides the UI to list, create, edit and delete flexible layouts.




Namesort descending Description
layout_flexible_template_add_row Handler for layout_flexible_template_configure_form() to add a new row.
layout_flexible_template_cancel Submit handler that cancels the region style selection form.
layout_flexible_template_cancel_ajax AJAX handler to cancels the region style selection form.
layout_flexible_template_change_region_style Submit handler for the change region style button on the layout_flexible_template_edit_row_form().
layout_flexible_template_configure_form Form to manage adding and removing rows to a flexible template.
layout_flexible_template_configure_form_cancel Submit handler that cancels in-progress changes.
layout_flexible_template_configure_form_submit Submit handler that saves the configured flexible template.
layout_flexible_template_delete_form Menu callback; Delete a flexible template.
layout_flexible_template_delete_form_submit Submit handler that deletes a flexible template.
layout_flexible_template_delete_row Menu callback to delete a row from a flexible template.
layout_flexible_template_edit_region_style_ajax AJAX callback to change the region count.
layout_flexible_template_edit_region_style_submit Submit callback to change the region count.
layout_flexible_template_edit_row_ajax AJAX callback on the submit button for editing a layout row.
layout_flexible_template_edit_row_form Form to add or edit a row on a flexible template.
layout_flexible_template_edit_row_form_submit Submit handler for layout_flexible_template_edit_row_form().
layout_flexible_template_edit_row_validate Validation handler for layout_flexible_template_edit_row_form().
layout_flexible_template_get_last_region_number Returns the last number of all regions named "Region X" where X is a number.
layout_flexible_template_region_count_load Submit handler on the hidden button to change region widths on layout_flexible_template_edit_row_form() if AJAX is disabled.
layout_flexible_template_region_style_select Form to select the region widths for a flexible template.
layout_flexible_template_region_style_select_cancel Submit handler that cancels the region style selection form.
layout_flexible_template_region_style_select_submit Submit handler that saves the region style selection form.
layout_flexible_template_settings_add_form Form to add a flexible template.
layout_flexible_template_settings_edit_form Form to configure a flexible template.
layout_flexible_template_settings_form_cancel Submit handler that cancels the flexible template form.
layout_flexible_template_settings_form_submit Submit handler that saves a flexible template.
_layout_flexible_template_region_name_exists Callback: Check if machine_name is unique.