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Name Type Namespace Locationsort descending Description
FileTransferFTP abstract class core/includes/filetransfer/ Base class for FTP implementations.
FileTransferFTPExtension class core/includes/filetransfer/
FileTransferLocal class core/includes/filetransfer/ The local connection class for copying files as the httpd user.
FileTransferSSH class core/includes/filetransfer/ The SSH connection class for the update module.
BackdropHTTPSystemInterface interface core/includes/ Defines the BackdropHTTPSystemInterface class interface.
DatabaseTasks abstract class core/includes/ Database installer structure.
DatabaseTaskException class core/includes/ Exception thrown if the database installer fails.
MailSystemInterface interface core/includes/ An interface for pluggable mail back-ends.
PagerDefault class core/includes/ Query extender for pager queries.
StreamWrapperInterface interface core/includes/ Generic PHP stream wrapper interface.
BackdropStreamWrapperInterface interface core/includes/ Backdrop stream wrapper extension.
BackdropLocalStreamWrapper abstract class core/includes/ Backdrop stream wrapper base class for local files.
BackdropPublicStreamWrapper class core/includes/ Backdrop public (public://) stream wrapper class.
BackdropPrivateStreamWrapper class core/includes/ Backdrop private (private://) stream wrapper class.
BackdropTemporaryStreamWrapper class core/includes/ Backdrop temporary (temporary://) stream wrapper class.
TableSort class core/includes/ Query extender class for tablesort queries.
ThemeRegistry class core/includes/ Builds the run-time theme registry.
BackdropUpdateException class core/includes/ @class Exception class used to throw error if a module update fails.
BackdropUpdaterInterface interface core/includes/ Interface for a class which can update a Backdrop project.
Updater abstract class core/includes/ Base class for Updaters used in Backdrop.
UpdaterException class core/includes/ Exception class for the Updater class hierarchy.
UpdaterFileTransferException class core/includes/ Child class of UpdaterException that indicates a FileTransfer exception.
UserInterface interface core/includes/ Defines a common interface for user entities.
UuidInterface interface core/includes/ Interface that defines a UUID backend.
Uuid class core/includes/ Factory class for UUIDs.
UuidPecl class core/includes/ UUID implementation using the PECL extension.
UuidCom class core/includes/ UUID implementation using the Windows internal GUID extension.
UuidPhp class core/includes/ Generates an UUID v4 using PHP code.
AdminBarWebTestCase class core/modules/admin_bar/tests/admin_bar.test Base class for all administration bar web test cases.
AdminBarPermissionsTestCase class core/modules/admin_bar/tests/admin_bar.test Tests menu links depending on user permissions.
AdminBarDynamicLinksTestCase class core/modules/admin_bar/tests/admin_bar.test Tests appearance, localization, and escaping of dynamic links.
AdminBarLinkTypesTestCase class core/modules/admin_bar/tests/admin_bar.test Tests appearance of different types of links.
AdminBarCustomizedTestCase class core/modules/admin_bar/tests/admin_bar.test Tests customized menu links.
BlockTestCase class core/modules/block/tests/block.test
BlockTranslationTestCase class core/modules/block/tests/block.translation.test
BookTestCase class core/modules/book/tests/book.test Tests the functionality of the Book module.
views_plugin_argument_default_book_root class core/modules/book/views/ Default argument plugin to get the current node's book root.
CKEditorTestCase class core/modules/ckeditor/tests/ckeditor.test
CKEditorRtlTestCase class core/modules/ckeditor/tests/ckeditor_rtl.test CKEditor 4 testing class specific for right-to-left languages.
CKEditor5TestCase class core/modules/ckeditor5/tests/ckeditor5.test Functional tests for CKEditor5 module.
CKEditor5RtlTestCase class core/modules/ckeditor5/tests/ckeditor5_rtl.test CKEditor testing class specific for right-to-left languages.
CKEditor5UpgradeTestCase class core/modules/ckeditor5/tests/ckeditor5_upgrade.test Upgrade tests from CKEditor 4 to CKEditor 5.
ColorTestCase class core/modules/color/tests/color.test Tests the Color module functionality.
Comment class core/modules/comment/ Defines the comment entity class.
CommentStorageController class core/modules/comment/ Defines the controller class for comments.
CommentNodeAutoCloserTestCase class core/modules/comment/tests/comment.test Tests that comments behave correctly when the auto closer is enabled.
CommentHelperCase class core/modules/comment/tests/comment.test
CommentInterfaceTest class core/modules/comment/tests/comment.test
CommentPreviewTest class core/modules/comment/tests/comment.test Tests previewing comments.
CommentAnonymous class core/modules/comment/tests/comment.test Tests anonymous commenting.