Expanded class hierarchy of FileTransferFTPExtension


core/includes/filetransfer/ftp.inc, line 51


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
FileTransfer::$chrootPath private property Path to connection chroot.
FileTransfer::$connectionHandle private property The instantiated connection object.
FileTransfer::$hostname protected property The hostname for this file transfer.
FileTransfer::$jail protected property Full path to directory where file-transfer is restricted to.
FileTransfer::$password protected property The password for this file transfer.
FileTransfer::$port protected property The port for this file transfer.
FileTransfer::$username protected property The username for this file transfer.
FileTransfer::checkPath protected final function Checks that the path is inside the jail and throws an exception if not.
FileTransfer::chmod final public function Changes the permissions of the specified $path (file or directory).
FileTransfer::copyDirectory final public function Copies a directory.
FileTransfer::copyDirectoryJailed protected function Copies a directory.
FileTransfer::copyFile public final function Copies a file.
FileTransfer::createDirectory public final function Creates a directory.
FileTransfer::findChroot function Returns the chroot property for this connection.
FileTransfer::fixRemotePath protected final function Returns a modified path suitable for passing to the server.
FileTransfer::removeDirectory public final function Removes a directory.
FileTransfer::removeFile public final function Removes a file.
FileTransfer::sanitizePath function Changes backslashes to slashes, also removes a trailing slash.
FileTransfer::setChroot function Sets the chroot and changes the jail to match the correct path scheme
FileTransfer::__get function Implementation of the magic __get() method.
FileTransfer::__isset public function Implementation of the magic __isset() method.
FileTransfer::__set public function Implementation of the magic __set() method.
FileTransfer::__unset public function Implementation of the magic __unset() method.
FileTransferFTP::factory static function Overrides FileTransfer::factory
FileTransferFTP::getSettingsForm public function Returns the form to configure the FileTransfer class for FTP. Overrides FileTransfer::getSettingsForm
FileTransferFTP::__construct public function The constructor for the UpdateConnection class. This method is also called from the classes that extend this class and override this method. Overrides FileTransfer::__construct
FileTransferFTPExtension::chmodJailed function Changes the permissions of the file / directory specified in $path Overrides FileTransferChmodInterface::chmodJailed
FileTransferFTPExtension::connect public function Connects to the server. Overrides FileTransfer::connect
FileTransferFTPExtension::copyFileJailed protected function Copies a file. Overrides FileTransfer::copyFileJailed
FileTransferFTPExtension::createDirectoryJailed protected function Creates a directory. Overrides FileTransfer::createDirectoryJailed
FileTransferFTPExtension::isDirectory public function Checks if a particular path is a directory Overrides FileTransfer::isDirectory
FileTransferFTPExtension::isFile public function Checks if a particular path is a file (not a directory). Overrides FileTransfer::isFile
FileTransferFTPExtension::removeDirectoryJailed protected function Removes a directory. Overrides FileTransfer::removeDirectoryJailed
FileTransferFTPExtension::removeFileJailed protected function Removes a file. Overrides FileTransfer::removeFileJailed