@file Base FileTransfer class.

Classes extending this class perform file operations on directories not writable by the webserver. To achieve this, the class should connect back to the server using some backend (for example FTP or SSH). To keep security, the password should always be asked from the user and never stored. For safety, all methods operate only inside a "jail", by default the Backdrop root.


Expanded class hierarchy of FileTransfer


core/includes/filetransfer/filetransfer.inc, line 13
Base FileTransfer class.


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
FileTransfer::$chrootPath private property Path to connection chroot.
FileTransfer::$connectionHandle private property The instantiated connection object.
FileTransfer::$hostname protected property The hostname for this file transfer.
FileTransfer::$jail protected property Full path to directory where file-transfer is restricted to.
FileTransfer::$password protected property The password for this file transfer.
FileTransfer::$port protected property The port for this file transfer.
FileTransfer::$username protected property The username for this file transfer.
FileTransfer::checkPath protected final function Checks that the path is inside the jail and throws an exception if not.
FileTransfer::chmod final public function Changes the permissions of the specified $path (file or directory).
FileTransfer::connect abstract public function Connects to the server.
FileTransfer::copyDirectory final public function Copies a directory.
FileTransfer::copyDirectoryJailed protected function Copies a directory.
FileTransfer::copyFile public final function Copies a file.
FileTransfer::copyFileJailed abstract protected function Copies a file.
FileTransfer::createDirectory public final function Creates a directory.
FileTransfer::createDirectoryJailed abstract protected function Creates a directory.
FileTransfer::factory static function Defines a factory method for this class.
FileTransfer::findChroot function Returns the chroot property for this connection.
FileTransfer::fixRemotePath protected final function Returns a modified path suitable for passing to the server.
FileTransfer::getSettingsForm public function Returns a form to collect connection settings credentials.
FileTransfer::isDirectory abstract public function Checks if a particular path is a directory
FileTransfer::isFile abstract public function Checks if a particular path is a file (not a directory).
FileTransfer::removeDirectory public final function Removes a directory.
FileTransfer::removeDirectoryJailed abstract protected function Removes a directory.
FileTransfer::removeFile public final function Removes a file.
FileTransfer::removeFileJailed abstract protected function Removes a file.
FileTransfer::sanitizePath function Changes backslashes to slashes, also removes a trailing slash.
FileTransfer::setChroot function Sets the chroot and changes the jail to match the correct path scheme
FileTransfer::__construct function The constructor for the FileTransfer class.
FileTransfer::__get function Implementation of the magic __get() method.
FileTransfer::__isset public function Implementation of the magic __isset() method.
FileTransfer::__set public function Implementation of the magic __set() method.
FileTransfer::__unset public function Implementation of the magic __unset() method.