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Name Type Namespacesort descending Location Description
DatabaseTaskException class core/includes/ Exception thrown if the database installer fails.
MailSystemInterface interface core/includes/ An interface for pluggable mail back-ends.
BackdropUpdateException class core/includes/ @class Exception class used to throw error if a module update fails.
StreamWrapperInterface interface core/includes/ Generic PHP stream wrapper interface.
BackdropStreamWrapperInterface interface core/includes/ Backdrop stream wrapper extension.
BackdropLocalStreamWrapper abstract class core/includes/ Backdrop stream wrapper base class for local files.
BackdropPublicStreamWrapper class core/includes/ Backdrop public (public://) stream wrapper class.
BackdropPrivateStreamWrapper class core/includes/ Backdrop private (private://) stream wrapper class.
BackdropTemporaryStreamWrapper class core/includes/ Backdrop temporary (temporary://) stream wrapper class.
UuidInterface interface core/includes/ Interface that defines a UUID backend.
Uuid class core/includes/ Factory class for UUIDs.
UuidPecl class core/includes/ UUID implementation using the PECL extension.
UuidCom class core/includes/ UUID implementation using the Windows internal GUID extension.
UuidPhp class core/includes/ Generates an UUID v4 using PHP code.
BackdropUpdaterInterface interface core/includes/ Interface for a class which can update a Backdrop project.
Updater abstract class core/includes/ Base class for Updaters used in Backdrop.
UpdaterException class core/includes/ Exception class for the Updater class hierarchy.
UpdaterFileTransferException class core/includes/ Child class of UpdaterException that indicates a FileTransfer exception.
PagerDefault class core/includes/ Query extender for pager queries.
ThemeRegistry class core/includes/ Builds the run-time theme registry.
TableSort class core/includes/ Query extender class for tablesort queries.
FieldException class core/modules/field/ Base class for all exceptions thrown by Field API functions.
FieldUpdateForbiddenException class core/modules/field/ Exception class thrown by hook_field_update_forbid().
FieldValidationException class core/modules/field/ Exception thrown by field_attach_validate() on field validation errors.
SearchQuery class core/modules/search/ Do a query on the full-text search index for a word or words.
Archive_Tar class core/modules/system/
BackdropQueue class core/modules/system/ Factory class for interacting with queues.
BackdropQueueInterface interface core/modules/system/
BackdropReliableQueueInterface interface core/modules/system/ Reliable queue interface.
SystemQueue class core/modules/system/ Default queue implementation.
MemoryQueue class core/modules/system/ Static queue implementation.
ModuleUpdater class core/modules/system/ Class for updating modules using FileTransfer classes via authorize.php.
ThemeUpdater class core/modules/system/ Class for updating themes using FileTransfer classes via authorize.php.
DefaultMailSystem class core/modules/system/ The default Backdrop mail backend using PHP's mail function.
TestingMailSystem class core/modules/system/ A mail sending implementation that captures sent messages to a variable.
ArchiverTar class core/modules/system/ Archiver for .tar files.
ArchiverZip class core/modules/system/ Archiver for .zip files.
Node class core/modules/node/ Defines the node entity class.
NodeStorageController class core/modules/node/ Controller class for nodes.
Comment class core/modules/comment/ Defines the comment entity class.
CommentStorageController class core/modules/comment/ Defines the controller class for comments.
TaxonomyTerm class core/modules/taxonomy/ Defines the taxonomy term entity.
TaxonomyTermController class core/modules/taxonomy/ Controller class for taxonomy terms.
TaxonomyVocabulary class core/modules/taxonomy/ Taxonomy vocabularies allow the grouping of taxonomy terms.
BackdropTestCase abstract class core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Base class for Backdrop tests.
BackdropUnitTestCase class core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Test case for Backdrop unit tests.
BackdropWebTestCase class core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Test case for typical Backdrop tests.
EntityInterface interface core/modules/entity/ Defines a common interface for all entity objects.
Entity abstract class core/modules/entity/ Defines a base entity class.
EntityMalformedException class core/modules/entity/ Defines an exception thrown when a malformed entity is passed.