Example modules

Creating actions Using AJAX forms Using the batch API Defining blocks Demonstrate Backdrop caching Defining contextual links Using hook_cron() and hook_cron_queue_info() Database examples Sending e-mail Creating and managing a custom entity Defining fields in the field API Demonstrates file handling Defining an input filter Form API examples, including multistep forms Demonstrates image handling with styles and effects JavaScript examples Menu API examples Demonstrations showing how a module can change a node Define custom node access fules using node access hooks Creating custom node types, with fields Creating a custom page Using a table with a pager Using the Queue API Implementing RDF in Backdrop Demonstrates the render API Writing tests for Backdrop Use a render array to present a table with automatic sorting Demonstrates tabledrag forms Demonstrate how modules shoule use theme functions and provide tpl.php files Using tokens Implementing triggers and actions Using vertical tabs XML-RPC example