Explains how a module declares theme functions, preprocess functions, and templates.

The underlying approach is that a module should allow themes to do all rendering, but provide default implementations where appropriate.

Modules are also expected to leave data as render arrays as long as possible, leaving rendering to theme functions and templates.




Namesort descending Description
template_preprocess_theming_example_text_form Implements template_preprocess().
theme_theming_example_content_array Theme a simple content array.
theme_theming_example_list Theming a simple list.
theme_theming_example_select_form Theming a simple form.
theming_example_list_page The list page callback.
theming_example_menu Implements hook_menu().
theming_example_page Initial landing page explaining the use of the module.
theming_example_select_form A simple form that displays a select box and submit button.
theming_example_select_form_submit Submit handler for the select form.
theming_example_text_form A simple form that displays a textfield and submit button.
theming_example_text_form_submit Submit handler for the text form.
theming_example_theme Implements hook_theme().