Hook implementations for the Menu Example module.




Namesort descending Description
menu_example_arg_optional_load Loads an item based on its $id.
menu_example_arg_optional_to_arg Utility function to provide default argument for wildcard.
menu_example_custom_access Determine whether the current user has the role specified.
menu_example_id_load The special _load function to load menu_example.
menu_example_menu Implements hook_menu().
menu_example_menu_alter Implements hook_menu_alter().
menu_example_menu_link_alter Implements hook_menu_link_alter().
menu_example_permission Implements hook_permission().
menu_example_user_page_title Title callback to rename the title dynamically, based on user_page_title().
_menu_example_basic_instructions Page callback for the simplest introduction menu entry.
_menu_example_mappings Utility function to provide mappings from integers to some strings.
_menu_example_menu_page Page callback for use with most of the menu entries.
_menu_example_simple_title_callback Title callback to rewrite the '/user' menu link.