1 menu_example.module menu_example_id_load($id)

The special _load function to load menu_example.

Given an integer $id, load the string that should be associated with it. Normally this load function would return an array or object with more information.


int $id: The integer to load.

Return value

string: A string loaded from the integer.

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modules/examples/menu_example/menu_example.module, line 426
Hook implementations for the Menu Example module.


function menu_example_id_load($id) {
  // Just map a magic value here. Normally this would load some more complex
  // object from the database or other context.
  $mapped_value = _menu_example_mappings($id);
  if (!empty($mapped_value)) {
    return t('Loaded value was %loaded', array('%loaded' => $mapped_value));
  else {
    return t('Sorry, the id %id was not found to be loaded', array('%id' => $id));