Hook implementations for the Queue Example module.




Namesort descending Description
queue_example_add_remove_form Form generator for managing the queue.
queue_example_add_remove_form_claim Submit function for the "claim" button.
queue_example_add_remove_form_clear_queue Submit handler for clearing/deleting the queue.
queue_example_add_remove_form_delete Submit function for "Claim and delete" button.
queue_example_add_remove_form_insert Submit function for the insert-into-queue button.
queue_example_add_remove_form_run_cron Submit function for "run cron" button.
queue_example_menu Implements hook_menu().
queue_example_retrieve_queue Retrieves the queue from the database for display purposes only.
queue_example_show_queue Submit function for the show-queue button.
queue_example_theme Implements hook_theme().
theme_queue_items Themes the queue display.