Hook implementations for the Database Example module.

@todo Demonstrate transaction usage.




Namesort descending Description
database_example_advanced_list Renders a filtered list of entries in the database.
database_example_entry_delete Deletes an entry from the database.
database_example_entry_insert Saves an entry in the database using db_insert().
database_example_entry_load Reads from the database using a filter array.
database_example_entry_update Updates an entry in the database.
database_example_form_add Prepares a simple form to add an entry, with all the interesting fields.
database_example_form_add_submit Submit handler for 'add entry' form.
database_example_form_update Sample UI to update a record.
database_example_form_update_callback AJAX callback handler for the pid select.
database_example_form_update_submit Submit handler for the 'update entry' form.
database_example_list Renders a list of entries in the database.
database_example_menu Implements hook_menu().