Hook implementations for the Batch Example module.




Namesort descending Description
batch_example_batch_1 Batch 1 definition: Load the node with the lowest nid 1000 times.
batch_example_batch_2 Batch 2 : Prepare a batch definition that will load all nodes 20 times.
batch_example_finished Batch 'finished' callback used by both batch 1 and batch 2.
batch_example_lowest_nid Utility function - simply queries and loads the lowest nid.
batch_example_menu Implements hook_menu().
batch_example_op_1 Batch operation for batch 1: load a node.
batch_example_op_2 Batch operation for batch 2 : load all nodes, 5 by five.
batch_example_simple_form Form builder function to allow choice of which batch to run.
batch_example_simple_form_submit Submit handler.
_batch_example_get_http_requests Utility function to count the HTTP requests in a session variable.
_batch_example_update_http_requests Utility function to increment HTTP requests in a session variable.