Hook implementations for the Render Example module.




Namesort descending Description
render_example_add_prefix A '#post_render' function to add a little markup onto the end markup.
render_example_add_suffix A '#pre_render' function.
render_example_arrays Provides a number of render arrays and show what they do.
render_example_cache_expensive A potentially expensive function.
render_example_cache_pre_render A '#pre_render' function.
render_example_info Simple basic information about the module; an entry point.
render_example_menu Implements hook_menu().
render_example_theme Implements hook_theme().
theme_render_array Themes the render array (from the demonstration page).
theme_render_example_add_div Wraps a div around the already-rendered #children.
theme_render_example_add_notes Wraps a div and add a little text after the rendered #children.
theme_render_example_aggregate A #theme function.