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core/modules/views/includes/view.inc, line 19
Provides the view object type and associated methods.


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Name Modifiers Type Descriptionsort descending
view::init_handlers function Acquire and attach all of the handlers.
view::add_display function Add a new display handler to the view, automatically creating an id.
view::add_item function Add an item with a handler to the view.
view::end_query_capture function Add the list of queries run during render to the build info.
view::_init_handler function Attach all of the handlers for each type.
view::fix_missing_relationships function Attempt to discover if the view has handlers missing relationships.
view::_build_arguments function Build all the arguments.
view::build function Build the query for the view.
view::execute_hook_block_list function Called to get hook_block information from the view and the named display handler.
view::execute_hook_menu function Called to get hook_menu() information from the view and the named display handler.
view::set_current_page function Change/Set the current page for the pager.
view::__construct function Constructor
view::get_base_tables function Create a list of base tables eligible for this view. Used primarily for the UI. Display must be already initialized.
view::new_display function Create a new display and a display handler for it.
view::delete_locale_strings public function Delete localized strings.
view::delete function Delete the view entirely from the system.
view::access function Determine if the given user has access to the view. Note that this sets the display handler if it hasn't been.
view::use_pager function Determine if the pager actually uses a pager.
view::is_translatable function Determine whether a view supports admin string translation.
view::init_query function Do some common building initialization.
view::execute_display function Execute the given display, with the given arguments. To be called externally by whatever mechanism invokes the view, such as a page callback, hook_block, etc.
view::execute function Execute the view's query.
view::get_exposed_input function Figure out what the exposed input for this view is.
view::init_localization public function Find and initialize the localization plugin.
view::init_style function Find and initialize the style plugin.
view::build_title function Force the view to build a title.
view::generate_display_id function Generate a display id of a certain plugin type.
view::generate_item_id public static function Generates a unique ID for an item.
view::get_items function Get an array of items for the current display.
view::get_path function Get the base path used for this view.
view::get_breadcrumb function Get the breadcrumb used for this view.
view::get_item function Get the configuration of an item (field/sort/filter/etc) on a given display.
view::get_current_page function Get the current page from the pager.
view::choose_display function Get the first display that is accessible to the user.
view::get_items_per_page function Get the items per page from the pager.
view::get_offset function Get the pager offset from the pager.
view::get_url function Get the URL for the current view.
view::get_title function Get the view's current title. This can change depending upon how it was built.
view::init_pager function Initialize the pager
view::_build function Internal method to build an individual set of handlers.
view::is_cacheable function Is this view cacheable?
view::validate function Make sure the view is completely valid.
view::set_title function Override the view's current title.
view::update function Perform automatic updates when loading or importing a view.
view::preview function Preview the given display, with the given arguments.
view::process_locale_strings public function Process strings for localization or deletion.
view::render_field function Render a specific field via the field ID and the row #
view::render function Render this view for a certain display.
view::get_human_name function Return the human readable name for a view.
view::display_objects function Returns a list of the sub-object types used by this view. These types are stored on the display, and are used in the build process.
view::revert function Revert the view based on its module-provided default version (if any).
view::attach_displays function Run attachment displays for the view.
view::pre_execute function Run attachments and let the display do what it needs to do prior to running.
view::_post_execute function Run the post_execute() on all active handlers.
view::_pre_query function Run the pre_query() on all active handlers.
view::clone_view function Safely clone a view.
view::save function Save the view to a configuration file.
view::save_locale_strings public function Send strings for localization.
view::set_item_option function Set an option on an item.
view::set_arguments function Set the arguments that come to this view. Usually from the URL but possibly from elsewhere.
view::set_item function Set the configuration of an item (field/sort/filter/etc) on a given display.
view::set_display function Set the display as current.
view::init_display function Set the display for this view and initialize the display handler.
view::set_exposed_input function Set the exposed filters input to an array. If unset they will be taken from $_GET when the time comes.
view::set_items_per_page function Set the items per page on the pager.
view::set_offset function Set the offset on the pager.
view::start_query_capture function Set up query capturing.
view::destroy function Unset references so that a $view object may be properly garbage collected.
view::post_execute function Unset the current view, mostly.
view::set_use_ajax function Whether or not AJAX should be used. If AJAX is used, paging, tablesorting and exposed filters will be fetched via an AJAX call rather than a page refresh.