1 views_plugin_query.inc views_plugin_query::set_where_group($type = 'AND', $group = NULL, $where = 'where')

Create a new grouping for the WHERE or HAVING clause.


$type: Either 'AND' or 'OR'. All items within this group will be added to the WHERE clause with this logical operator.

$group: An ID to use for this group. If unspecified, an ID will be generated.

$where: 'where' or 'having'.

Return value

$group: The group ID generated.


core/modules/views/plugins/views_plugin_query.inc, line 147
Defines the base query class, which is the underlying layer in a View.


Object used to create a SELECT query.


function set_where_group($type = 'AND', $group = NULL, $where = 'where') {
  // Set an alias.
  $groups = &$this->$where;

  if (!isset($group)) {
    $group = empty($groups) ? 1 : max(array_keys($groups)) + 1;

  // Create an empty group
  if (empty($groups[$group])) {
    $groups[$group] = array('conditions' => array(), 'args' => array());

  $groups[$group]['type'] = strtoupper($type);
  return $group;