Object used to create a SELECT query.


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core/modules/views/plugins/views_plugin_query.inc, line 18
Defines the base query class, which is the underlying layer in a View.


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
views_object::construct function Views handlers use a special construct function so that we can more easily construct them with variable arguments.
views_object::destroy function
views_object::options Deprecated function Set default options on this object. Called by the constructor in a complex chain to deal with backward compatibility.
views_object::option_definition function Information about options for all kinds of purposes will be held here. @code 'option_name' => array(
views_object::set_default_options function Set default options. For backward compatibility, it sends the options array; this is a feature that will likely disappear at some point.
views_object::set_definition function Let the handler know what its full definition is.
views_object::unpack_options function Unpack options over our existing defaults, drilling down into arrays so that defaults don't get totally blown away.
views_object::unpack_translatable public function Unpack a single option definition.
views_object::unpack_translatables public function Unpacks each handler to store translatable texts.
views_object::_set_option_defaults function
views_plugin::additional_theme_functions function Provide a list of additional theme functions for the theme information page
views_plugin::plugin_title function Return the human readable name of the display.
views_plugin::theme_functions function Provide a full list of possible theme templates used by this style.
views_plugin::validate function Validate that the plugin is correct and can be saved.
views_plugin_query::add_signature function Add a signature to the query, if such a thing is feasible.
views_plugin_query::alter function Let modules modify the query just prior to finalizing it.
views_plugin_query::build function Builds the necessary info to execute the query.
views_plugin_query::execute function Executes the query and fills the associated view object with according values.
views_plugin_query::get_aggregation_info function Get aggregation info for group by queries.
views_plugin_query::get_result_entities function Returns the according entity objects for the given query results.
views_plugin_query::init function Constructor; Create the basic query object and fill with default values.
views_plugin_query::options_form function Add settings for the ui. Overrides views_plugin::options_form
views_plugin_query::options_submit function Handle any special handling on the validate form. Overrides views_plugin::options_submit
views_plugin_query::options_validate function Validate the options form. Overrides views_plugin::options_validate
views_plugin_query::query function Generate a query and a countquery from all of the information supplied to the object. Overrides views_plugin::query
views_plugin_query::render_pager function Render the pager, if necessary.
views_plugin_query::set_group_operator function Control how all WHERE and HAVING groups are put together.
views_plugin_query::set_limit function Set a LIMIT on the query, specifying a maximum number of results.
views_plugin_query::set_offset function Set an OFFSET on the query, specifying a number of results to skip
views_plugin_query::set_where_group function Create a new grouping for the WHERE or HAVING clause.
views_plugin_query::summary_title function Returns the summary of the settings in the display. Overrides views_plugin::summary_title